Copper-Nickel Pipe

Copper-Nickel Pipe

Copper-Nickel is an alloy of copper, nickel and strengthening elements, such as iron and manganese. Copper-Nickel exhibits superior corrosion resistance in seawater. Because of this, it is used for marine hardware, piping systems and sometimes for the propellers, crankshafts and hulls of premium tugboats, fishing boats and other working boats.

The Copper-Nickel alloy technology has been known by the Chinese since the 3rd century BC under the name “white copper” and was used in corrosive environments and is still used extensively in the modern boatbuilding era today.

Copper-Nickel with its alloy properties such as low general corrosion rates in sea water, resistance to stress corrosion cracking due to ammonia in sea water, high resistance to crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion due to chlorides, good pitting resistance, readily weld-able, easy to fabricate and its inherent resistance to biofouling is uniquely qualified as an ideal candidate and one of the preferred materials used for piping systems in the shipbuilding industry. Copper-Nickel sea water piping systems in some cases can extend a ship’s lifetime.

An example of systems that are inherently excellent applications for the Copper-Nickel product are:

  • Sea Water Intakes
  • Bilge and Ballast Systems
  • Sanitary Systems
  • Fire Fighting Systems
  • Inert Gas Systems
  • Deck Steam Pipes
  • Cargo Tank Heating Coils
  • Feed Lines to Desalination Plant
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
  • Chiller Systems
  • Heat Exchangers and Condensers
  • Sheathing of Legs and Risers on Offshore Platforms