Non-Weld Piping Connection

Non-Weld Piping Connection

BL Series Pipe connection system is high mechanical, metal to metal seal technology. It is 100% gas tight, developed based on previous generation of swage technology.

BL Series connection is applicable for pipe connections in various scope such as:

  • Ship building
  • Chemical industry
  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Hydraulic System
  • Food Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • CNG Industry
  • Heat supply System
  • Medical Industry
  • Aeronautic & Aviation Industry
  • And others

    Some Features of BL Series Pipe Connection:

  • Weld FREE
  • Outstandingly quick on installation
  • Fire and explosion risk FREE
  • Stable in vibrations. Retightening FREE
  • Applicable on all different metal materials, no special requirement for pipelines
  • High mechanical metal to metal seal. 100% gas tight
  • Easy access – closed space pipe runs
  • Easy preparation on pipe ends. No treatment required after installation
  • Significant weight saving on board
  • Apart from basic designs, BL series also includes different fittings.

    For more detials, please refer our Technical Specification attached below.
    Non-Weld Connection Specfiation