Seamless Line pipes

Seamless Line pipes offered by our company are intended for the transmission of petroleum, natural gas and other gas & fluids. Products include over a hundred specifications for the various applications in regular, pressure, submarine, low-temperature, high-temperature corrosion-resistant and other pipelines. We can supply products according to international standards such as API 5L, ASTM, ASME, JIS, DIN, EN, etc. And it also can meet the customer’s special specification by mutually agreement. Its grade covers B to as high as X100QO (690~840MPa).

Subsea Line pipe is a special series which normally involves mutual agreement on additional technical specification based on API 5L & DNV OS FS-101, etc. Our technical crew is specialized for various requirement on subsea line pipe, covering dimensional, chemical & mechanical requirements.

Marine riser is a steel pipe that joins subsea blowout preventer (BOP) stack to offshore drilling rigs or oil recovery devices, mainly for the purpose of isolating the sea water, guiding in drilling tools and casing and forming a communication path for mud circulation.

Its specifications must be suitable for the stack selected and its total length depends on the working depth on site. If 2 of the same length are used and can sustain high-pressure kill or as a blowout prevention pipeline, they are called a combination marine riser.

We can supply products of grades 75Ksi, 80Ksi according to user’s standards.

Sizes available for Line Pipe: