Steel Mesh Reinforced PE Pipe

Steel Mesh Reinforced Polyethylene (PE) pipe is made by combining mesh-shaped steel reinforcement with polyethylene through extrusion technology. The steel mesh is made by continuously winding and welding transverse wires spirally to the longitudinal wires to form a continuous tube-like mesh.

Corrosion and Abrasion Resistance
Piping class polyethylene material as raw material be used for steel mesh reinforced PE pipe, which is a kind of crystal un-polarity material, SO our pipe is very stable to many kinds of chemical material and no electric-corrosion; the abrasion resistance is 4 times than steel pipe.

Hygienic Property
Steel mesh reinforced PE pipes & fittings comply with the standard GB9687 -1988 (PE Manufacturing Sanitation Standard for Food Packing) and GB/T 17219- 1998 (Security Evaluation Standard of the Machines and the Protection Materials for Drinking Water Supply)

Smooth Inner Surface and Low Transportation Resistance
With inner molding process, the inner wall surface of our steel mesh reinforced PE pipe is smoother than steel pipe. The absolute roughness is 0.01 mm, and that of steel pipe is 0.2mm. So the transportation capability of the pipe is obviously higher than that of steel pipe at the same condition and no scaling.

Long-Term Hydrostatic Strength
BROUTMAN Laboratory from Chicago, USA, was testing our steel mesh reinforced PE pipe according "Long-term Hydra-static Strength Test" of ASTM D2837, D1598 and D1599 standard, the test result state that the creep resistance and anti-damage ability much super than same specification polyethylene plastic pipe.


For industFor water supplyFor gas
Working Temp=-20-70℃Working Temp=-20-80℃Working Temp=-20-40℃
Working Pressure (Mpa)Working Pressure (Mpa)Working pressure(Mpa)
(Inner Dia)
Wall thickness
(mm )
(Kg/m )

Parameters of Steel Mesh Reinforced PE Pipe

Linear expansion coeffcient (1/℃)35.4-35.9*10-6
Heat reversion (%)≤ 0.4
Ovality (%)≤ 5
Elasticity modulus (Gpa)2-3
Thermal conductivity at 20℃ (w/mk)0.43
Surface resistance (Ω)>1013
Volume resistance (Ω.cm)>1016
Electric strength (kv/cm)700
Absolute roughness (mm)0.01
Vicat softening temperature (℃)117.9
Tensile yielding strength (Mpa)22-23
Shore hardness60
Impact strength (notched)(J/mm2)15
Creep modulus (bend)(Mpa)800
Abrasion Resistance: Take an HDPE pipe and a steel pipe with a diameter of 50mm for test at a water speed of 7-8m/s and water temperature of 30℃-35℃ (with 15% sand mixed in the water). The result shows that the degree of corrosion of the HDPE pipe in 1600 hours is 4mm, while it takes less than 1000 hours to reach the same degree of corrosion for the steel pipe.